Agro Rangers

Empowering small and marginal farmers by rejuvenating their farmlands



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Small and Marginal Farmers



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Empowering small and marginal farmers by rejuvenating their farmlands

Total Training conducted in regenerative organic agriculture – 11
Total youngsters, women and farmers trained in regenerative organic agriculture – 350+
Farmers associated with co-operative – 55
Consumer families connected to farmer-s co-operative – 250+
Area total under organic cultivation started with farmers – 72+ acres
Consumer families visited farm under – ‘be a farmer for a day’ initiative – 68

Active Founder(s)

Siddhesh Sakore %designation% Siddhesh is the founder of AGRO RANGERS and heads fundraising and program design at AGRO RANGERS. He is a mechanical engineer and a passionate organic farmer. He's the son of a farmer, and his living experiences in the farming community motivated him to start AGRO RANGERS to solve soil degradation issues that are negatively impacting the livelihoods of marginalized farmers
Jayadip Sarode %designation% Ayadip is a co-founder of AGRO RANGERS and handles ground implementation and outreach programs for farmers at AGRO RANGERS. He is an Electronics engineer and develops technological interventions to provide solutions to marginalized farmers. As the son of a farmer, he is personally connected to this AGRO RANGERS vision and working towards solving this soil problem.
Swapnali Dhawale %designation% Swapnali is a co-founder at AGRO RANGERS and handles training and capacity-building programs. By profession, Swapnali is a Microbiologist and holds a Master’s Degree in Industrial Microbiology. Being from a farmer's family, she had closely observed the soil issues of farmers. She is using her technical expertise to prepare organic bio input solutions for farmers based on soil needs.