Involve Learning Solutions Foundation

Developing 21st century skills in school students and making them self-directed learners using Peer Teaching


The Government of NCT of Delhi

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Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, The Government of NCT of Delhi

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Children and Youth



About the Organization

“Involve learning solutions foundation has been started by an IIT Madras graduate, an organization whose vision is to develop agency in school students.

Students today are passive recipients of education with no ownership of their learning. This creates unmotivated learners with inadequate academic skills & future readiness. It transforms into a lack of agency, an inability to make decisions or exercise their choices. Hence, it is essential to create age-appropriate experiences for students to take ownership of learning & transform into leaders.

Involve has been working with Peer learning-based strategies to improve foundational numeracy & student ownership in schools. The approach emanates from their belief in “”Kids first”” and their key design principles: Co-created with students, Led by the students & participation by choice. Through their unique program, Involve mentors senior school students of age 12-16 to teach and mentor their juniors by partnering with government schools. Over the last 3 years, Involve has worked with 10,000+ students, improving their academics by 39% and having more than 80% of their senior students demonstrate improved confidence, strong initiatives, and solving problems in their classrooms. In the long term, they create a strong culture of students learning from each other who are motivated to take ownership as well.”

Active Founder(s)

Divanshu Kumar %designation% Divanshu Kumar along with Samyak, from IIT Madras, co-founded Involve, an international award-winning social enterprise that aspires to create student-driven learning via Peer Teaching, towards vision of developing agency in them. Involve has worked with 20,000+ students across Karnataka, MP and Tamil Nadu improving their foundational academics, future ready skills and ownership towards learning. He received an award from Prime Minister Narendra Modi and was also featured in CNBC Young Turks. Featured in Forbes, LinkedIn, Yourstory & other media houses, he was recognized as the top 16 young entrepreneurs globally by Singapore International Foundation.
Samyak Jain %designation% Samyak firmly believes in people's capacity and that each person can do amazing things. He is an optimist and has idealistic thoughts, which keep him dreaming of the impossible, but he manages to make them realistic by handling operations at Involve. Samyak gets his daily dose of inspiration by interacting with team members and reading Stories of Change from the schools. He believes that working should be fun and hence ensures to open his bag full of PJs to make the office environment lighter. He thinks everyone should have agency in their lives and is committed to ensuring that the students achieve the same.