Skilled Samaritan Foundation

Creating income opportunities for women with existing craft skills, by providing them with ‘tech based design support’ to make sustainable products for a conscious buyer


Uttar Pradesh

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Assam, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh

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Artisans, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Skill Development, Technology, Women


Incubator, Pragati

About the Organization

“Skilled Samaritan Foundation (SSF) envisions a world in which women from low and middle income backgrounds have increased access to design support and online – offline markets, and can use craft as a medium to bring about tangible change in their lives.

SSF currently provides market opportunities to over 5,000 women from 100 artisan clusters around the country. Women artisans at SSF earn upto 30% more than their other traditional counterparts due to tech based design training and development of high quality products at par with global market. Around 42.5 tonnes of waste including textiles and plastic is mitigated every operational year at SSF. By providing women a dignified means of livelihood, a shift in the community’s social construct has been observed, with decrease in child marriage rates, increase in participation of women in the local government, and a decrease in gender-based crime in and around the areas of intervention.”

Active Founder(s)

Gauri Gopal Agarwal %designation% Gauri holds a Masters’ degree in Finance and Economics from the University of Warwick, is a triathlete and State Level Basketball player. In 2012 Gauri Malik founded Skilled Samaritan (SSF) in 2012 after she quit her job as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank. Her vision is to build Sirohi by Skilled Samaritan, as a micro-entrepreneurship platform to provide women who are skilled in crafts with tech-based design support and market access, for gainful employment so they can be financially independent and lead a life of dignity and respect.